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However there are many other sites representing the nine islands and for your convenience they are to be seen on this page.
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And now for something completely different

The Regional Tourism Association (Associação Regional de Turismo – Turismo dos Açores (ART)) is a private non-profit organization.

On all nine islands the association have 'Quiosques de Animação Turística', each of which act as information points for tourists and outlets for locally produced items. The wording below is taken from their website and may be edited down to be more compact. This may be done as early as the end of November.

The Regional Tourism Association's members are the Angra do Heroísmo Chamber of Commerce, the Horta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the nine Municipalities of the Central Group of the Azores, namely Praia da Vitória and Angra do Heroísmo, on Terceira Island; Velas and Calheta, on São Jorge Island; Santa Cruz da Graciosa, on Graciosa Island; Madalena, São Roque and Lajes, on Pico Island; and Horta, on Faial Island.


The Regional Tourism Association's objectives are the following:

  • Organization of the tourism offer on the islands of the Central and Western groups that complements the work of the Associação de Turismo dos Açores (Tourism Association of the Azores) in promoting and marketing the Azores in foreign markets.
  • Invest in new market segments and in the development of tourism clusters to stimulate the growth of demand.
  • Define tourist entertainment strategies and operation models that can be executed based on the local business structure.
  • Foster the growth of the offer of tourist entertainment services and products.
  • Encourage sustainable development by promoting nature, nautical, adventure and cultural tourism activities.
  • Contribute to the development and quality of the tourism offer and to responsible practices.
  • Contribute to the growth of the renown of the Azores as a sustainable tourism destination as well as strengthen the ability of the destination to compete in the market, especially the Central and Western Groups.
  • Contribute to the reduction of seasonality and encourage an increase in the average length of stay and the average spending per visitor.

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'Feel Alive'

The Official Tourism Website of the Azores
This site comes with webcams, rural accommodation options, information on useful services such as details of museums on each of the nine islands also with loads of things to do from  Yachting to Canyoning
Some of the excellent information on this site is in the wrong place but nevertheless your time spent will be worthwhile.

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