Click Intensity was launched in March 2016
and from the start
some of the world's best marketeers
were on board.
Come and Join !

The objective is
to advertise
your own online businesses
also earn a return on your Ad Shares.


To quote from the Click Intensity website.
Click Intensity is the leading site representation company,
offering site-specific, channel-wide and run-of-network placements,
we deliver results through expert

advice and intelligent technology.
Our Network is serving 2 billion monthly impressions
and reaching over 17 million users worldwide per month.
We partner with top
quality web publishers
to provide advertisers with targeted ad placements.

Click Intensity has been serving global clients
to publish their campaigns
across a global network of trusted publishers.

A US Enterprise
registered under the Jurisdiction of Delaware state
with an experience of Six Years in Online advertising domain.

An Affiliate Marketing Company
working on traditional internet deals/products and global traffic
derived through blogs, pages,
mobile promotions, email promotions

and social networks.

The Vision
Click Intensity has an unwavering
commitment to innovative ideas that
shape the advertising landscape. Not
just Web, we have deployed
technologies into Social Media, Mobile
and Smart Watches also. Click
Intensity envisions itself in the top 5
Ad networks in the next 24 Months.

My Comments
To make any sense of Click Intensity
you need to add some funds.
The minimum amount is 25 USD.

When FREE you receive only one 'click' opportunity to make some funds.
When you add funds you are more valuable to the program
and you receive more advantages.




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