Welcome to PiP (Premier Income Plan) !
If you are looking for a method of increasing your cash flow
then you’ve come to the RIGHT place.
People willing to share our Cash Flow Matrix with others can benefit financially.
We provide a portfolio of exceptional products designed to help any enterpreneur to succeed in today’s online marketplace.
Individually, these products can add up to over 180 USD, and more, per month.
We offer a HUGE discount to people who need these tools and who can share our Cash Flow Matrix with others.

Some of the highlights : 3 x 8 Cash Flow Matrix.
Fast start bonuses paid weekly.
Commissions paid twice monthly.
Weekly LIVE presentation webinars and software training webinars.
Awesome products and fanatical support.
Top notch coaching to a “5-figure+” monthly income plan.
All this and more.

Long-Term Residual Income.
If you are looking for a method to earn long-term residual income then give us a chance
to show you how you can leverage our products, services and cash flow module to substantially increase your income.
With only one company-forced module there are no side deals or anything untoward going on.
Everyone who joins goes into the next available spot in the module beneath their sponsor.
This ensures the module grows as everyone works together as a team.
When it comes to earning, you can receive as many as 4 payments even before your first commission is paid.

How, you ask?
Good question.
Our fast-start bonus program rewards associates for their direct sales and sales made by people they refer.
Fast Start Bonuses are paid weekly, every Friday.
You can learn more about that in the Compensation Plan Explained section.
With our plan and commitment for creating additional products there is HUGE potential
to see your cash flow sky-rocket almost over night.
Imagine what could happen if those in the module beneath you all of a sudden decide to purchase NEW and additional products.
What could this do to YOUR income?
Oh, the possibilities.
Join us, will you?
We have a spot in the cash flow matrix
just for you ...

Follow this link :
click the 'Join here' tab
and have a look around.
You have 7 days to decide !
The cost is 79 USD first time
then 59 USD per month,
for all products now available
and in the future !


The Company and the Products

Hyphen-Tech, the developer of Premier Income Plan,
is a product-driven company

offering the BEST online communication products in the Industry.
Their tools can be purchased individually
or can be packaged together for even greater savings.
Hyphen-Tech develop and own the source code to ALL their products.
You will not find any third party tools being repackaged here.

Listed below are the current products :
Audio Video Conference
Website Communicator
Video Email Postcards.

VAPPSY will be available shortly
The PiP Autoresponder is imminent
PIPC is in the works.


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