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Our mission is to support local and national commerce. So should you have a product or service that you would like promoted, a business in need of some online promotion or an idea looking for exposure, do let us know. The intention is for Portugal Marketplace to have a strong brand identity, both at home in Portugal and on the international stage with repeat visits from your potential customers.

We will be using all the internet tools at our disposal to ensure that Portugal Marketplace achieves excellent ranking on search engines. In addition we intend to include a blog which will further expand our presence in cyberspace.

Of course money does not grow on trees and neither do ideas prosper in the dark therefore we would appreciate your thoughts as to what should be in a 'feel good' web site bearing in mind that our title is Portugal Marketplace. Our email address is : portugalmarketplace (at) gmail.com.

Portuguese language contributions are very, very welcome ! 

The Bridge at Porto

The Bridge at Porto - another view !

Porto - Lower entrance to the Bridge

Lower entrance to The Bridge taken from

Ponto 25 de Abril - Lisboa

Ponto 25 de Abril - Lisboa

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